Well, in my first post to catch-up, I mentioned a Very Important trip we planned. That trip was for us to get MARRIED in CA on our 11th anniversary. We left TN on Wednesday, October 15th for San Diego and got married on Friday, the 17th. We have been together for so long that I didn't really expect to feel any different during or after the ceremony. We were only missing a piece of paper, right?
Well, I was SOOOOO WRONG....
I have felt COMPLETELY DIFFERENT since we got ready to start the ceremony. I started crying first, which may be hard to believe, for those of you who know us both. As soon as Joy saw me, she started crying and couldn't stop. I didn't think I would be able to get thru my vows because I felt like I wouldn't be able to get the words out without completely losing it.
The whole ceremony and trip itself were the best we could have asked for.

The only downside is that we needed about 2 more days to see a few more things and actually have a day to rest and relax.
We tried to fit so many things in the 3 1/2 days we had, that we really didn't relax any.

But, hey, we can relax at home, right?!
So, that's our big news, for anyone who didn't know. We have pictures posted on our myspace page. Anyone who is in our friends list will be able to view them.

Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for reading and trying to keep up with us.
I've got to be better about updating, but I've been so bummed with the bad news the past couple of months and the continuous delays that I've not been very motivated to post. I promise I will try to be better about this moving forward.