OK, the last time I posted, we were waiting for September 15th to take the 2nd blood test.
Well, we took it and about a week later I got a phone call from the nurse. As we have come to expect, things didn't go easily, the test showed the CMV to still be Positive in my body.
GREAT... so you can imagine how frustrated and upset I was by this news. When they called to tell me that news, they said they would call the infectious disease Dr. to get them to schedule me an appointment with her. The appointment will get scheduled sooner if they call, than if I call for myself. So, they got it scheduled for Thursday, October 2nd.
I felt, once again, like my body is working against me and just felt like a failure...again.
I told Joy and a couple of or friends that the title "infectious disease Dr." made me feel like I have cooties or something. I know it's silly, it's just a scary title.
She was a nice person and said from the beginning that she thought I probably was getting false positives on the 1st two tests because I was asymptomatic. I was skeptical and told her so, because there were 2 different blood tests that came back positive. She said the test she would do would just go deeper into the blood cells to very if the virus is actually in the cells or not. She said it would have to be sent off to the lab and would take 5 days to complete at the lab.
We had a trip planned for 13 days from the date they took blood.
I didn't hear from them and finally called them on day 12 after the test. I really wanted an answer about this test before we left town so I could digest it and not have any stresses for this VERY important trip.
I'm THRILLED to say that it came back NEGATIVE!!! Woohoo!! 
They had already sent the letter to the RE so they would know we were ready to move forward. I was a little peeved because I had to call and chase them down for the results and I wasted so much stress and so many tears on these stupid wrong blood tests.

Since we returned home, I have had an ultrasound (Monday) to see which side I'm ovulating on since we can only try when the left side is ovulating. When I went to that appointment I was thinking this is finally the last step before we get started. Well, I found out at that appointment that they couldn't see ANY mature follicles.
This was cycle day 13, why wouldn't they see anything...well, maybe I ovulated early. The nurse did tell me that the injectibles would cause both ovaries to produce follicles but wouldn't change which side is dominant.
We are moving forward and plan on trying in November.
Then, right before I leave their office, I am told that there is a MANDATORY class for injectibles I have to take prior to starting. .OMG, does it ever end? Or begin, in this case?
The good news about that, was that they have this class every Tuesday at 1 PM. So, I went today to the class. It was no big deal, and I didn't expect it to be. But, it's nice to have it over with.
I should start in about two weeks, maybe a little less now. Then, I have to go in on CD 1 or 2 so they can check for cysts and my lining. I should start injectibles on CD3 and will be monitored continuously until time to do the trigger shot and IUI.