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Well, NO ONE wants to be pregnant and have a baby more than me. 
BUT, I had the swimmers shipped on Monday to be received on Tuesday because Wed would be CD14. 

Well, genius that I am, I didn't have them shipped early. Guess what? I showed my surge at 2:45 this morning (Tues), I am one of those crazy people who ovulates soon after my surge. So, here I am with no sperm and ovulating between 6 and 8 on Tues morning. I have clear signs when I'm ovulating, as well as plenty of twinges and discomfort. So, I had no doubt we were going to miss the big O and had 2 vials sent. So, I contacted our Great DR. at the sperm bank and told her I would be sending them back because of bad timing.
But, you know what? 

I completely believe that everything happens for a reason. So, I think my body was sending me a sign and telling me it wasn't ready to go this month. Since I've been reading this book about TCM and infertility, I'm taking this opportunity to look into TCM and see what I can do to help our chances. I called Tuesday morning to a clinic that does acupuncture and focuses on TCM for different things, including infertility. I have a consultation appointment for Sunday (yes, I said Sunday!!) I'm so excited that this seems to be a clinic that is open some extended hours. Hopefully the practitioners will be helpful and open to helping us as a couple.
I'll wait until after the consult to see what he says, but I'm sure this could cause us to take some additional time off to get seriously started with acupuncture and maybe some diet changes. 
For any of you that read our blog and do or have done acupuncture, can you give me an idea of the range of $$$ charged?
I'll find out Sunday for sure, but just trying to be prepared for what we are looking at. Whatever it is, we've decided it won't cost as much as it will to do injectibles thru an RE.
Thanks for reading and have a Great rest of the week!!
I also want to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to Bleu, she got to see two sacks, looking like twins!!! She has had previous m/c's, so cautiously optimistic right now but we are SO EXCITED for her rand praying and crossing everything that they both stick!!!
Did I never tell you guys that I did acupuncture for awhile? I went to a Chinese practitioner here. He charged around $90 for the first appointment and then went to $75 for each one after. He worked on a couple of things for me. He put the needles in my ears to help with my sinus issues which worked for a few days after each session. For the infertility he placed them in my legs and feet. It was a very soothing experience where he would leave the room, dim the lights and play soft music while I rested for about 30-45 minutes. Because it can tend to make you cold due to the change in blood flow often I would be on a heated table or there would be a heat lamp in the room. I honestly enjoyed the experience and would continue it now just for the relaxation but it can add up. Actually since I have a flex spending account now for medical things and I can use it on acupuncture I may go back. I wish you both luck! Here is my advice for the week having been through this. Give up! Yes, give up and decide that it won't happen. Plan a horribly outrageous trip somewhere together or buy something you can not afford. Make plans without thinking about how it will affect if you will get pregnant or not. Then when you are getting ready to leave for this wonderful trip or just making the first payment on the really expensive purchase you will find out you are pregnant with twins and will laugh because how will you ever pay for them. It will still be more than worth it!