July 8th, 2008

Appointment #1

Well, our first RE appointment went well, I'm happy to report. None of the staff at the Fertility Center looked twice at us, so no problems or issues there!! Yea!!! 
This RE requires all couples who will be using donor sperm to go to a certain psychotherapist for a one hour visit prior to getting started. We both understand that and are fine with it. The part that sucks is that she is booked for the next two weeks and then is on two weeks vacation.  So our appointment with her is set for August 13th. Seems way off right now, but hopefully it will pass quickly.
In the meantime, I need to get my files from the NP and the laproscopic paperwork to his office. Then, I need to get the paperwork from the bank to have his office sign it for them to ship the tank to his office directly. They will store up to 10 vials and charge the same fee for up to one year of storage. We won't really know what our steps are going to be until the Dr. has had a chance to look at all of my previous records to see what I've had done already to see what all tests he needs for us to do.
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