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 Today, our friend Bleu learned that she has lost her two little angels. We send all our love and good energy to her and her beautiful son during this difficult time. Those of you who have suffered this horrible type of tragedy understand better than I, but there truly are worse things than not ever getting a BFP......getting one, only to Miscarry before ever having the opportunity to meet your sweet blessings. We have other friends who have been thru miscarriages, including our good friend Gia and know that this is unfortunately a common occurrence and one you never forget or truly get over. However, we hope all of our friends still ttc get their wonderful little additions to their families.

BB & Joy
We are thrilled to help welcome Sindy and Scarlett's TRIPLETS!!! We got word last night that the Two boys and a Girl arrived Tuesday night at 5:16, 5:17 and 5:18 that evening. I've spoken briefly with Sindy and they are all doing fine. I will speak to her again Friday and find out the weights and lengths of all three. The momma's are not ready to give out name information yet and we respect their privacy. WE ARE JUST SO EXCITED THAT THEY ARE HERE AND EVERYONE IS DOING WELL!! And, Sindy....when you read this...WE CAN'T WAIT FOR PICTURES!!! 

Much Love to the new family!!!