February 17th, 2008

WOW, I've become a real slacker with posting on this blog!!

My last post was very hopeful about our timing with Joy for the month of January. As I'm sure you could imagine, I would have definitely posted had we gotten a BFP. So, needless to say, we were not lucky again. 
Joy came to the decision after this last month that she wanted us to try again with me. She is concerned about her weight being a factor working against her getting pregnant. 
We've decided to try from home with me this month and if that doesn't work again, we have the card for a Reproductive/Fertility Dr. who we will then contact. Our reason for delaying going down this path is because our Insurance will not cover ANYTHING for Infertility. So, if the Dr. says we need to try using injectibles, we will be out the total cost of the meds and all ultrasounds that they feel they need to do. We are still using our "super swimmers" that we used with Joy last try, hoping he will get me pg this try. I'm not feeling negative about this try working, but I'm not exactly full of optimism either. Afterall, we have already tried 12 times with me with NO success. But, we haven't used this donor on me yet and we are ordering two vials, so we'll give it all we've got this month and see how it goes!! My O date should be the middle of this next week (Feb 19-22), and then on to more waiting. 
I think the most frustating part of this is that money could be the one thing that would be able to keep us from achieving our dreams of having a baby. I know that isn't specific to us, I have plenty of on-line friends who are in the same boat and know exactly how we are feeling. 
I've bought a book this weekend about infertility and ways that Western Medicine can combine with more holistic treatments (TCM) can combine to help achieve pregnancy.
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