January 18th, 2008

Perfect Timing?..we'll see!!

 Well, we did two IUI's for month#4 with Joy. We did one IUI on Thursday night (CD15) and one 12 hours later, this morning (CD16). Everything I saw, looked to me like we finally have a month where I feel like our timing was as close to PERFECT as we will ever get without medical intervention. 
Joy's surge didn't show up until the evening of Cycle day 14 (Wed). When she took another OPK the next morning, the 2nd line was almost gone. (For those not TTC, her surge was gone, she could ovulate anytime within the next 48 to 72 hours.)  My initial reaction to the disappearing line was OH MY GOD, we missed it and we have two vials of SPERM sitting in a tank in our bathroom!! Thank god Joy was in the shower when I saw this, so she didn't see my initial reaction and me almost passing out with a panic attack. After I got myself calmed down somewhat, I told Joy I'd seen the stick and we decided on our timing for the 2 IUI's. 
We had no problem with either of them. Thursday night CM (Cervical Mucus) was nice and clear and her cervix was open. When we did the one Friday morning, her CM was just slightly milky, but not very thick yet. Her cervix was just as open Friday morning as Thursday night, so that sounds good as well. Although we hadn't planned it this precisely, we wound up doing them 12 hours and 15 minutes apart. Which was how close together our Dr. suggested we space them. 
If you've read my prior posts, you know how much "fun" the speculum has been for Joy during our tries with her. Well, the whole procedure is not comfortable and I had to keep telling her during Thursdays to "relax" because she kept tightening her legs anticipating the uncomfortable speculum. Fridays went so smoothly, probably because we were both half asleep at 5AM, that she never tightened up at all and when I finished and immediately removed the speculum, as usual, she asked "Are you done already?". I have to say it made me think of being a man with a small penis and having a woman say "Are you in yet?"!! It cracked me up and when I told her, it cracked her up too!!! 
Of course, she has been married and new someone she would have said that about, so that makes it even funnier.

So, there you have it. We've done all we can possibly do and are hoping that she doesn't have a whole basketball squad of babies!! But, at this point, we are TRULY just wanting to be mommies and hope this was the time that did it!
Thanks for any of you that read our blog, especially those friends of our who are not ttc. It means a lot to know that you are willing to endure our obsessiveness in this journey and want to be a part of it, if only by being willing to read and keep up with us. To all of our TTC sisters, may we all get our family additions for 2008!!
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